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Product Names Ionicity Uses Application Properties
CreaSco KR-3 Nonionic Full white products for CPB process Can be widely applicable to pretreatment of the cotton fabric and their blends with cold pad batch process. It imparts fabric very good desizing rate, high absorbency and very good whiteness after hot washing. It contains all necessary components of wetting, emulsification, chelating, dispersing, stabilizer and make process simplification, rationalization, economization.
CreaNit KR conc. Nonionic Suitable for Cotton Blends & Cotton Fabrics and A High-efficiency, full-bleed bleach additive for cotton and cotton blends, suitable for discontinuous equipment. Contains essential components other than caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide that produce a good pretreatment effect. Strong complexing ability, good stability, strong extraction ability, high whiteness.
CreaScour STA Nonionic Cotton and its blended fabric CreaScour STA is a stabilizer with excellent dispersing ability, which can effectively inhibit scaling. Excellent stabilizer for continuous and semi-continuous oxygen bleaching; Excellent dispersion performance; No need to add silicate
CreaNit STA-2000 Nonionic suitable for the hydrogen peroxide bleaching of kn The hydrogen peroxide bleaching process applicable only to knitted fabrics and yarns has an excellent stabilizing effect on hydrogen peroxide, which makes full use of the hydrogen peroxide solution and makes the fabric after the bleaching process feel soft and plump, and prevents wrinkles from being produced during processing.
CreaNit SCO Nonionic wetting agent & detergent which produce low foa Low foaming wetting agents and detergents specially designed for spray and overflow systems. Has excellent wetting and scouring properties; does not contain any solvents; does not produce foam when above 60°C; does not contain APEO.
CreaScour ECO Anionic infiltration, desizing, scouring , bleaching Possesses outstanding wetting power over the entire PH and temperature region. Exhibits outstanding washing action. Has a very high emulsifying power. Low foaming and biodegradable
CreaNit LD-110 weak anionic suitable for all types of fabrics Suitable for softening treatment baths, removing incrustations by water-hardening salts and preventing yellowing of the fabric caused by iron compounds. It ionizes metal particles thus avoiding catalytic damage to the cotton and destabilization of the peroxide bath. It demineralizes cotton and removes stubborn pigments.
CreaChet 580 Anionic Suitable for all pH ranges According to Hampshire-test (PH10-11/NaOH), the amount of metal ions (mg) per gram of CreaChet 580 complex:
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