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CreaNit DEF

 CreaNit DEF

 Organic functional silicone antifoam emulsion

CreaNit DEF is suitable for high temperature dyeing process, water based textile process and metal working process to provide good antifoaming and deforming performance. Good stability at high temperature and high pressure condition. Recommend to use in the sizing agent preparation, scouring agent and paint dyeing.


Appearance                     Milky liquid

pH                            6.0~7.5

Emulsion type                     Nonionic

Viscosity(25 )                 500~5000C.S.T

Specific Gravity25 ℃)          Approx. 1.00g/mL

Active copolymer                    Organic functional polysiloxane


CreaNit DEF as an excellent antifoam emulsion, has some special features as following:

(1) Good antifoaming performance.

(2) High temperature (100 ) stability.

(3) Suitable at large pH value and temperature range.

(4) Excellent dilution stability.

(5) Great quality stability.

(6) Cost effective.                                                                                 

(7) Compatible with most kinds of auxiliaries.

(8) Good shear stability.


CreaNit DEF or its diluted emulsion can be added to the foaming part. For best cost effectiveness, recommended general dosage is 10~100 ppm.

Do compatible test for some special application to get better performance.

If using directly, pre-dilute with water  and then charge the water into crude antifoam emulsion slowly during stirring.


For safety, please read Material Safety Data Sheet, packaging label, other information about physical and healthy harm.

And in our safety data handbook, you can find the information following:

(1) Sorts and marks of danger and transportation statutes.

(2) Safeguard for storage, load and unload.

(3) Measures for accidents and fire.

(4) Toxicity and ecological effect.


120kg/ drum


Please store at 5-35avoid freezing and exposure to the sun. Its shelf life is 12 months.

The above information is made available by the manufacturer as guide for customers, who should not construe this material to be cither a warranty an authorization for any party to employ any patented invention or process for his own.