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Catalyst CS-200

Catalyst CS-200 is applied in combination with crosslinking agents for resin finishing. It can be applied by the conventional curing method on a curing machine or by a shock curing method


Ø  Appearance: clear liquid

Ø  Chemical character: metal salts

Ø  Density:25:1.10±0.05g/cm3

Ø  Solubility: can be infinitely diluted by cold water

Ø Storage: Can be stored for one year when the product is enclosed in the proper container under the room temperature.


Ø  As a highefficient catalyst during the resin finishing of woven and knitted fabrics made by cotton, viscose and their blends.


 Depending on the type and amount of crosslinking agent , 25-30% catalyst CS-200 ,related to the amount of resin ,is required ,but not less than 15g/L and not more  than 35g/L


Packed in Plastic Drums and 140kgs Net Each.